Alternative and naturopathic medicine is a medicine of our past and as well our future. The third millennium alternative health care requires inner ascent and wisdom, body and mind awareness, prevention. Awareness and Prevention leads us into listening to our inner voice,  and listening to our body, its signs and suggestions; understanding our life better and our path. This leads to a deeper connection with the soul, mind, emotions,  our psychology,  physical body and its needs. 

Alternative medical systems and naturopathy combine different kinds of alternative medicine approaches, different therapeutic and diagnostic methods, in order to use the healing power of nature and the human body and induce optimal health with the help of vital force (pranic energy, or energy qi) found in the human body. 

The role of naturopathy and alternative medicine is to empower and prepare a person to take responsibility for his/her own health. The body has self-healing abilities and can guide and warn us when something is wrong. Most naturopathic types of medicine understand this basic principle of our body’s innate intelligence, and by understanding our human body language, theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, it can lead one to better health of the body, mind, and spirit.<br>

The ultimate goal of any healthcare system should be to prevent disease. Alternative medicine approaches to the treatments place strong emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion, emphasizing disease prevention based on risk factors, constitution, heredity and disease susceptibility, vulnerability to disease, or so-called predispositions. By trying to induce optimal health and aiming at eliminating the possible risks of causing the disease, we eliminate the deepening of the risk factors, constitution, that may cause the disease in the future. Using a variety of alternative methods of diagnosis, a naturopath often successfully predicts a predisposition in the body and assists the patient with therapies and changes in the patient’s lifestyle.

Alternative therapies do not affect the diagnosis, goals and procedures of classical Western medicine, and as a complementary treatment they are an excellent tool for restoring health more efficiently, and more safely.

All alternative ways will help you to achieve health improvement, self-understanding, a source of strength, joy, love, faith and spiritual understanding, by plunging into the depths of your interior and discovery and strengthening your natural life force


Types of alternative medicine therapies

Complementary medicine therapies can be generally grouped into five categories, being:

alternative medical systems, which are built on complete systems of theory and practice, such as homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda


mind–body interventions, which include support groups, meditation, prayer, spiritual healing, and therapies that use creative outlets such as art, music or dance


biologically-based complementary therapies, which include the use of herbs, foods, vitamins, minerals and dietary supplement


manipulative and body-based methods, which include chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation and massag


energy therapies, which involve the use of two types of energy fields, being bio-field therapies, such as qi-gong, Reiki and therapeutic touch, and bio-energetic therapies, involving the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields such as pulsed fields, magnetic fields or alternating-current or alternating and direct-current fields