Homeopathy is an alternative medicine treatment method and represents the most popular field of alternative treatment currently. It is an art, a science and a philosophy that teaches us to perceive and see man and his life in a different way and encourages self-reflection and awareness of the true nature of human beings. 

Homeopathy uses the extraordinary ability of the human body to create and maintain a state of health. Instead of fighting the disease by suppressing symptoms, homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural abilities and strengthens the vital strength of the body. Vital power is a form of energy that underlies all biophysical and biochemical processes. This energy allows all living beings to self-heal and preserves life by adapting to changes in the surrounding environment. There is no external source that revives the human body, so it must be revived by internal strength. The life force directs various body systems to function as a harmonious whole, maintain health, and connect and balance at all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, vital, and spiritual. 

Homeopathy moves man in his evolution closer to his goal. It helps him to understand his uniqueness, individuality, and the distinction between what is good for his own health and what is harmful. It illuminates the path of the human ego.

Homeopathy is a medicine of the third millennium. It was not until the 1800’s, when the system of medicine was developed by the German scientist and physician and multilinguist. in 1780 by Samuel Hanemann, its foundations were also laid by Hippocrates or Paracels, but Samuel Haneman brought the first laws and principles of homeopathy and created a systematic medical system. 

The treatment principles are also reflected in the very title of homeopathy: “homoeos” – simmilar and “pathos” – suffering. The essence of treatment is expressed by the phrase “Similia similibus curantur.” – Similar to similar treatments, or let like cure like.

 A substance that is able to induce certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure a person suffering from those symptoms, i.e.. that there is a useful relationship between the toxic and therapeutic effect of the substance.

In addition to the long-discovered principle of similarity, Dr. Hanemann established the principle of a minimum dose of medicine, which means that he administered the active substances at very high dilutions. He found that by dilution and subsequent shaking – dynamization at each dilution step/potentiation, the effect of the drug increased. Thus, the chemical composition is minimized and the homeopathic remedy becomes non-toxic and does not cause unwanted side effects. Since then, the popularity of homeopathy has steadily increased as people discover its ability to safely prevent or treat health problems.

Homeopathy treats a person’s health and mind problems, understood as disruption of vital force and balance between levels, manifested in feelings and functions of the mind, body and soul, by triggering the body’s natural ability to heal, as the human body is stimulated by remedies to correct its own state of ill-health, and it is strengthened to be balanced and for the symptoms to be released.  It is a gentle and effective method that does not cure the disease but the human. 

The role of the homeopath is to identify a homeopathic remedy for the patient whose “image” resembles his symptoms as closely as possible. The medicine is determined by diagnostic consultation, which is in most cases necessary for proper prescription. A well-selected homeopathic stimulates vital strength, and encourages it to be able to rebalance levels. It is a stimulus for the body, an impulse that starts the vital force and revives the body’s own healing abilities.

Homeopathic remedies are gentle and effective sub-molecular preparations, obtained mainly from mineral, plant, and animal sources and species. They are prepared  by a process called “potentisation”, which increases the healing effect of the original substance and removes any toxicity. As a result, these energetic remedies are free of chemical side-effects, effective for both acute and chronic problems. They do not poison, overdose, will not interact with other medications, and are non-addictive. They are safe for people of all ages, including babies, the elderly and the pregnant. Homeopathic medicines can even be used on animals and plants.

As a result, homeopathic medicines are energetic medicines without chemical side effects. 

Homeopathy is effective in acute and chronic problems. The right medicine solves the root of the problem.