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To fully comprehend fertility, we must appreciate its holistic essence, understanding how all its components come together in harmony to shape the journey.

Holistic Fertility

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protocol By Liz Lalor

The Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol is a fertility program that was born in the late 90s. Liz, a homeopath from Australia, has created a very successful protocol over the years, with a success rate of 87% within 4 menstrual cycles. Of the remaining couples who do not achieve a healthy pregnancy on the program, most go on to have a a very successful IVF experience.

What is involved in the program?

The fertility program uses specific homeopathic remedies at different points in the menstrual cycle. These remedies target things such as:

  • repeated miscarriage
  • ovulation
  • vaginal dryness
  • vaginal discharges
  • low libido
  • irregular periods
  • irregular flow and quality
  • common PMS symptoms
  • sperm quality
  • emotional support
  • and more…

This program is not a fit for women with no viable eggs, or for men that do not produce sperm. There is also limited success with women over 42 years of age.

If the program is not successful after 6 cycles, another route such as IVF is recommended.

Speaking of IVF…

Liz’ fertility program is an excellent way to prepare for IVF. Couples come out much healthier than they started!

Assisted reproductive technologies

The primary goal of IVF acupuncture is to support and enhance the success of IVF treatments. It aims to improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, reduce stress and anxiety, regulate hormones, and create a more favorable environment for embryo implantation.

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Male infertility

Many individuals commonly associate male infertility with issues related to the quantity and motility of sperm. However, male infertility encompasses more than just these aspects. It can also be attributed to abnormalities in sperm function, such as DNA fragmentation, as well as factors within the seminal fluid that influence sperm.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a holistic approach to addressing male infertility by focusing on overall health and balance. It combines various therapies, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments, to improve fertility

Homeopathy has to offer potential benefits in addressing health concerns through highly individualized treatment, stimulating self-healing, reducing symptoms, supporting holistic health, with no side effects.

While the path to parenthood might have its obstacles, it's heartening to know that you're never alone in this journey. Many individuals and couples share similar experiences, and together, we can unravel the complex factors contributing to changing of the fertility dynamics.

Infertility is a deeply personal and often challenging journey that many couples face when they struggle to conceive for an extended period, typically more than a year.

Fortunately, Holistic fertility is an approach that considers various aspects of an individual's well-being in the context of reproductive health. It takes into account physical, emotional,  lifestyle, nutrition  and stress and environmental factors that may impact fertility.