Alexandra Vlasko is an alternative medicine practitioner and nurse.

Her medical career started in medical college, from where she continued a 4 year program of Traditional Chinese medicine in Prague with specialisation in Acupuncture and phytotherapy in 2008. While studying she practiced for 2 years with chinese doctors using TCM ,  Bioresonance device Bicom in 1. clinic of alternative medicine in Slovakia, and took part in 3 level course of Bach flower remedies.

Year after she started Chinese medicine, in 2009, she joined Slovak Academy of Homeopathy, led by Dr. Petroci and world leader in Homeopathy Jan Scholten. During her Homeopathy studies she got a diploma in Plant system in homeopathy by Michal Yakir, of Sehgal school of homeopathy, diploma of homeopathic treatment in children by Ivonne Pernett, colors in homeopathy by Markus Kuntosch, diploma in Polarity analysis by Dr. Frei,  and many many more. She took part in various seminars and webinars, led by worldwide famous homeopaths. Alexandra also traveled a lot in India, where she got basic education and diploma in Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kerala, and also attained 200 YTT in Maharashtra.

Last 6 years is Alexandra using Iridology taught by Lubomir Janos as part of diagnosis with every patient,  bringing her observations and clinical research combining Iridology,  Chinese medicine and Homeopathy. 

During pandemic she was constantly taking part in worlds  homeopathic updates and webinars. 

Alexandra is currently based in Cyprus.


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“I am fascinated by the life. The perfection of it, the human body incluuded, and its ability to self heal and maintain the balance"

My understanding of health and happiness in short
To achieve the healthy state, we need to help the body and the soul by keeping a healthy lifestyle, having suitable diet, using herbs and supplements, practising meditation and mindfulness, retrospect and analyse ourselves, our reactions, understand our genetic weakness, exercise, socialize, create, do all preventive steps to sustain the harmony of all the elements in the body, using different therapies and methods

and know, that our body's most subtle element is our spirit, connected to the the vital force and energy, which is further connected to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is the most important priority, to understand the sequence and have the main importance in life on our spirit.

We are all connected

Alexandra Vlasko

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