Bach flower therapy is a simple alternative therapy that treats various states of mind and emotions. Bach flower therapy is a comprehensive system of 38 types of extracts from the flowers of wild plants. Essences help to restore and maintain the balance of emotional and physical forces that are related to the harmony of body, mind and soul. They help a person to manage negative emotions and harmonize the body, mind and soul. It was discovered by an English doctor, homeopath and bacteriologist Dr. Edward Bach.

Flower essences and is based on the belief that physical illnesses are the result of emotional imbalances and they are able to release the blocked energy,  suppressed or unprocessed feelings, fears, pains from the past, which over time can create mental conflicts within us that surface like various physical and emotional disorders.

The therapy uses 38 original essences, made from trees, wild plants and water from healing springs. Each of these essences focuses on something different. Individually selected combination of healing essences aims to harmonize negative feelings and restore lost balance, can help with stress, fatigue, insecurity, fear, when one suffers from sudden mood swings, sadness, hypersensitivity, nervousness, anxiety, tension, stress, depression, insomnia, fear, lack of self-confidence, insecurity, fear, shock, injuries, overwork, fatigue, sadness, anger, jealousy, life changes (pregnancy, menopause, divorce, change of work, difficulties in life), blocked creativity , feelings of stagnation in life, loss of motivation, etc.They can unblock traumas, energy blocks and shocks particularly well. They also work well for restless, aggressive, jealous, frightened, independent, tyrannical and sad children. It can be very subtle feelings of dissatisfaction inside, internal disharmony, or simply a feeling that something is wrong. 

The essences are pure, not harmful and have no side effects. An incorrectly chosen essence is not energetically received by the body, so it will not hurt or help. It does not negatively negate what is in a person but promotes positive potential. High vibrations of various wild plants, which according to Dr. Bach are subject to the so-called higher “arrangement” are also passed on to the person who uses them. This altered harmonic state thus makes it possible to overcome problems, life’s challenges and promotes health. 

Gradually, the simultaneous administration of homeopathic medicines together with flower essences can be useful and beneficial for the patient in indicated cases. The administration of flower essences helps to manage in-depth homeopathic treatment on an emotional level and thus better cope with the course of homeopathic treatment, or better respond to various crisis situations. In many cases, it is possible to start with flower essences first and switch to your own homeopathic treatment at the appropriate time.